BrokenToiz came to be as a recording situation working behind a singer named Chance. It's where Kim and Steve met. Actually that's not true! Kim and Steve worked with a band called Code 6 doing r&b playing at the clubs around the area. As more stuff got done for Chance’s project we thought we fit pretty good and decided to make a band that would bring some old school to the new thing that was going on. But we didn't stop there. Because the band had members from different backgrounds, Italy, Hungary and here in the States, it became a sort of melting pot of ideas that got fused together. That’s why when you hear the band, you hear rock, jazz, hip hop, r&b, reminiscent of the Beatles, 

Hendrix, Stevie Wonder, Sly and the Family Stone, Earth Wind and Fire, and Donald Byrd.  Kim and Tom play it tight no matter if it's the funk or veering to the rock side of things and as guitarists they cover anything and everything. Bob is an amazing bassist his fluidity on the instrument really comes through live and on recordings. Peter on keys is a master at work like unto Divinci painting on pallet, grooving and making it smooth so it's all glued together the way it should be.  And Steve knows just where to lay it down making sure the bottom is always there. Our horn section is Ken, Daniel and Stan and they provide the thunder we so love in this band. BrokenToiz is what you’ve been waiting for without knowing. Welcome to Neo-Hip-Pop.